Old Lakeway Street Sign topper neighborhood designation
Street signs at each section in the neighborhood

Old Lakeway is geographically defined by the boundaries of the original 17 sections and first 1,000 acres of Lakeway, developed between October 1962 and April 1971, by Lakeway Land Co. In 2017, street signs, featuring the original Lakeway logo, were added at each intersection in the neighborhood delineating the area.


A neighborhood, tucked into a corner of the City of Lakeway, Texas, with a unique charm and history all its own. Characterized by narrow, winding streets, mature oaks, architecturally diverse homes, many with spectacular views, including Lake Travis, the Hill Country, and Live Oak, Lakeway’s first golf course.


Early Lakeway brochure showing original Lakeway logo.

Once the home of people like astronaut Alan Shepard Jr., news anchor Dan Rather, and other prominent business people and professionals of the time, early Lakeway became one of the premier resort communities in the U.S. All that is Lakeway today, grew out of Old Lakeway.


With approximately 1,000 homes today, this area is the most architecturally diverse neighborhood in Lakeway. It not only includes Lakeway’s First 300 homes, all built with unique floor plans per regulations at that time, but also Lakeway Patio condominiums,( built in 1971), becoming the first condominiums in Texas, but a wonderful collection of homes built in the ‘70’s –this century and even a few being built on those rare vacant lots today. From Tuscan-Style Villas to Mid-Century Modern homes,  built in all the style changes over those nearly 60 years.


The term “Old Lakeway” was one that surfaced many years ago as our community expanded and grew – almost entirely to make instant and recognizable reference to the “original” starting-point footprint of the community, and geographically differentiated from the “newer” and expanding neighborhoods. It took hold then, and has carried over for decades as the most common reference for this part of Lakeway.


The neighborhood of Old Lakeway plays a key role in preserving Lakeway’s history with its vintage style, aesthetic diversity and “small town” charm.


A brief history of Lakeway……

  • 1937: construction on the dam started, 1941, New Deal project created Lake Travis
  • 1941: three men from Houston visited area looking for a hotel site
  • 1962: rancher Jack Josey showed his 2700 ranch on Lake Travis to same three men
    • They immediately took a 60-day option with plan to develop more than a hotel
  • 1962: (October), construction began on The Inn / partnership expanded to 10 men
  • 1962-1965: partnership bought 3,697 acres from Josey
  • 1963: (July 12) Grand Opening of The Inn and Marina
  • 1963: the airpark completed
  • 1964: first custom home built at 104 Highlander, owners become first permanent residents of Lakeway
  • 1965: (October 1) Live Oak golf coarse opened
  • 1967: (August 5) A major brush fire along Challenger near Hurst Creek prompts development of Lakeway Village Fire Department (est Dec 1968)
  • 1971: Lakeway Patio home condominiums section 1 is completed, becoming the first condominiums built in Texas (Kite St. at Lido)
  • 1971: (April 26) Gulfmont / Lakeway Land Co (Houston) sold its interest in Lakeway to Alpert Corp (Dallas)
    • 300 homes built and 1,000 acres developed at this time

*Source: A. Denys Cadman, and Byron D. Varner, “In the Beginning: A Brief History of Lakeway” Austin: Silverdale, 1981

For a more comprehensive history of Lakeway, visit the City of Lakeway website.


Evolution of the OLD LAKEWAY Project

  • Started as an idea in 2015, the Old Lakeway Project was originally focused exclusively on the first 300 homes built in Lakeway, with the goal of recognizing those homes that still honored the original architect’s exterior design vision.
  • From that, was born the secondary project goal of building a neighborhood, and the current project goal was formed: “Preserving Lakeway’s history through its homes, and forming a neighborhood known as “Old Lakeway”.
  • The Old Lakeway neighborhood is defined as the first 17 Sections and 1,000 acres developed by Lakeway Land Company at the time they sold their interests in Lakeway on April 26, 1971.
  • The establishment of the Old Lakeway neighborhood includes more than the owners of the first 300 homes; we estimate 750 to 800 homes are a part of this defined neighborhood, however all of Lakeway will benefit from the preservation of this historically significant area.

The Old Lakeway Project currently has two goals:

  1. Recognize the first 300 homes built in Lakeway with an emphasis on those that retain the original architects’ exterior vision
  2. Build Lakeway’s first real neighborhood, known as “Old Lakeway”

….and have some fun connecting with neighbors in the process!



The Project would not be possible without the generous support from the following individuals and businesses:

Nancy Stokes, Stokes Sign Company

Nancy has generously donated the time of her staff and the use of her printing equipment to design the Old Lakeway and Lakeway 300 logos and print all 300 home signage for the project at a subsidized rate, holding inventory at no cost. You can learn about Stokes Sign Company at www.stokessigncompany.com.

Brian Brown, The Kompanee

Brian graciously agreed to use his time and resources to develop the Project’s website. You can learn about his company at www.thekompanee.com.

Stephanie Threinen, Beyond Green Media

Stephanie has been a sounding board for Mike since project conception. She has utilized her design and writing skills to help compile all documents, including this website, for the project. You can learn about her company at www.beyondgreenmedia.com.

Lakeway Heritage Commission

We are thankful to Peggy Point, Mike Boston, and the rest of the Lakeway Heritage Commission for their support, encouragement, and historical information. The main office of the Commission also serves as the meeting place for the Project’s committee meetings. The Heritage Center is located at 963 Lohmans Crossing, Lakeway, TX 78734.

City Council Member, Jean Hennagin

Since her Lakeway residency in 2008, Jean has been actively involved in the community. We are so thankful for her active role in helping this community project move forward!

Mayor Joe Bain

Long-time Lakeway resident and mayor since 2015, Joe Bain has voiced his support for this project, for which we are very grateful. He has also promoted our meeting dates in his blog, to which we welcome you to subscribe: http://lakewayupdate.blogspot.com .

Jeff Pierce, Realty Austin

As a realtor for Realty Austin with an office located off Lohman’s Crossing, Jeff has been a long time advocate for the project, sharing with us many insightful ideas. Need a local realtor or looking for a house in the area? Visit their website: www.realtyaustin.com/agents/Jeff-Pierce.php

Adam Dubich, Architectural Photographer

Adam has been proactive about giving the Project a professional visual edge! As a local architect photographer, Adam has gracioulsy dedicated his time to photographing homes with the Lakeway 300 signs, Old Lakeway street signs, and many homes in the neighborhood! Contact him to have your home professionally photographed for the website at a discounted rate. Visit his website: http://adamdubich.com/


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