Please contact us if:

  • Your home is or you believe it is one of the first 300 homes in Lakeway (see 1971 Lakeway phonebook post for rough estimate)
  • Your home is in the Old Lakeway neighborhood (see Map for reference)
  • You would like to be involved in the Project or be included on our e-mail list for future updates

Please send us your:
• Full Name
• Address
• Any info you would like to share, such as:

  • Are you a Lakeway resident?
  • Full time or part time?
  • How long have you lived in Lakeway?
  • A little bit about your home / history if known

For any of the above, please fill out the form below or send an e-mail to Lakeway300(at)
(replace “(at)” with “@” symbol – not hyperlinked to prevent spammers!)