What is the Lakeway 300 Project?

The Old Lakeway Project is a resident-led initiative to establish Lakeway’s first true neighborhood, known as “Old Lakeway”. The area is defined by Lakeway’s first 300 homes built prior to April 1971, and within the original 1,000 acres developed. Each of these homes is architecturally significant to the history of the area, so the Project also encourages homeowners to honor the original architects’ design vision. Our goal is for no additional government regulations or restrictions.


Who Should Get Involved?

If you own a pre-April 1971 home and/or live within Old Lakeway and:

  • Would like to be part of the effort to establish this area as a true neighborhood
  • Are interested in the uniqueness and history of this area
  • Are interested in or have history about your pre-April 1971 home
  • Appreciate the architectural uniqueness of the original homes in Lakeway
  • Would like to meet your neighbors

……then, this is the project for you!

We also welcome anyone else to get involved who is interested in preserving Lakeway’s history, home architecture, or helping to establish a neighborhood!

Contact us to join our e-mail list for upcoming meeting dates.

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Did You Know?

Alan Shepard Jr., the first American to land on the moon, commissioned an Original 300 home?


Do you live in Old Lakeway?

Click here to see a map of the original 1,000 acres developed in Lakeway.

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