Life at Lakeway, Lakeway News, October 1965




Photo Caption: A fast outboard and lazy sailboat play on Lake Travis’ placid waters near Lakeway’s Marina. And there’s something new and useful at the Marina. For boat skippers large lockers are added. They’re big enough for storage of skis and boating equipment. Your boat, though, won’t quite fit.

  • Coming soon over the hills is the most beautiful season in this favored land just west of Austin. Fall colors in the hills. A pleasing nip in the air. Spanish Oaks and Sumac turning yellow and red. All contrasting in good taste with the cedar’s evergreen …
  • 35th wedding anniversary party for Mr. and Mrs. Chip West. proprietors of “No Tengo Rancho.” Crudely translated: “We ain’t got no ranch.” Chip chose Lakeway for home after flying the world for Pan-American.
  • A bountiful dove hunt for John Crawford (Houston) and daughters Fran and Judy. And right here at Lakeway- on Hurst Creek.
  • Everyone knows when the Macy Smiths of Houston are in Lakeway residence. Up goes Old Glory on the homesite flag pole.
  • Enjoying the big. blue lake with family was Dick Lilliott, dean of the College of Architecture at The University of Houston.
  • The golfing clan anticipating opening of Lakeway’s new course, trying out their swings on the also new driving range. Among them: the Stuart Lang family- wife. husband, and two sons.
  • Margrete and Harvey Smith of Houston visiting at the Yacht Club with the Jack Granthams. The Smiths and Granthams were neighbors in Big H before the Granthams put a Lakeway return address on their stationery. Margrete, incidentally, convalescing from a knee operation.
  • Birthday party of the year was a double header affair for Wallace Jameson. 82. and Jack Grantham. 72. Scene of the affair was Jameson’s home. 407 Lakeway Avenue. Both are Lakeway residents.
  • Lakewayians understand this: Herman and Ina Grotte (Houston) stopped at Lakeway for a rest after a Colorado vacation.
  • Lakeway’s population grows. Martha and Jim Robison of Austin expecting their third child.
  • Stopping at Lakeway while enrolling a daughter at UT: Judge Sears McGee and family from Houston.
  • What comes first after a Lakeway home? For the Bob Youngs of Houston the answer was simple: a new boat.
  • Glen Johnson. Inn’s Food and Beverage manager. along with wife Judith and one and one-half year old daughter Sherrill. recently moved in their new home. Their house overlooks the golf driving range. They plan to install iron shutters to deflect stray golf balls.