Lakeway 300 / Old Lakeway Neighborhood Meeting

Event Date : 11/04/2017 10:00 am

Event Location : Lakeway Heritage Center | 963 Lohmans Crossing | Lakeway, TX


The Lakeway300 / Old Lakeway Project started as a concept in 2014 and has gone now gone thru a couple of phases.


PHASE 1 included the development of the First 300 Home signs, which can now be seen outside many of Lakeway’s first homes.  Some others are currently patiently waiting for their sign to be installed. If you think your home may qualify, learn about this part of the project here:


PHASE 2 was the task of visually defining the Old Lakeway neighborhood. This summer, the City Council approved the street signs and they have been installed at each intersection. Learn about this part of the project here:


Thank you to those who have participated in meetings, voiced their suggestions, and helped move this project along!


It’s now time for the Project to move onto the next phase.


The next phase is our opportunity to start creating a “real neighborhood” in Old Lakeway. On November 4, I would like to begin that process by sharing some ideas I have collected so far and get your feedback. Let’s work together to better define this place we all love, protect it, grow it, make it an even better place to live, and a place where those who do not live, wish they did!


As I have always stated, this is a resident-led initiative; as such, your input and feedback is imperative. That has never been more important than in this phase of the Project.


For those of you ready to commit to participating in the development of the Project and neighborhood, I will be taking names at the meeting of those interested in participating in a neighborhood committee. The committee’s initial objectives will be to define what an Old Lakeway neighborhood could become and help share those ideas with the greater neighborhood for feedback.


For first time attendees, I will briefly recap the Project and progress to date, but I encourage you to peruse the website prior to attending the meeting.


If you have any questions, you can reach me by e-mail at .


I look forward to seeing you there!


Mike Threinen,

project lead


Preserving Lakeway’s history through its homes and forming a neighborhood known as Old Lakeway.