Old Lakeway Section Maps

Lakeway Section Maps: Section One

Old Lakeway is geographically defined as the first 17 Sections, and first 1,000 acres developed by Lakeway Land Company.  Within that area, were built the first 300 homes, prior to April 1971 when the Lakeway Land Co. sold their interests in Lakeway.

Here are most of those original 17 Section maps, showing the streets and the lot numbers by Sections, as they were developed.  As you can see, many of the maps have handwritten notations like dates, and some even have street name changes from the original plans. These notations add elements of authenticity and historical significance to these maps.

These are a great piece of Old Lakeway history, preserved, thanks to Mike Boston and the Lakeway Heritage Commission!

People have enjoyed looking at these at the meetings, so I had them scanned so they could be shared on the website.


You can also see a full map of Old Lakeway here.


SECTION 1: Sailfish, Lakeway, Star

SECTION 2: Lakeway, Dragon, Deal, Atlantic, Comet, Highlander, Corinthian, Thistle, Finn, Gannet Cove, Wee Scot Cove

SECTION 3: Mariner (Dolphin), Cutlas, Capri, Highlander, Dragon

SECTION 4: Sunfish and Lohman’s Crossing

SECTION 5: Bermuda, Dart

SECTION 6: Malabar, Cutlas, Mariner

SECTION 7: Vanguard, Tartan, Zephyr

SECTION 8: Lakeway, Biscayne, Porpoise

SECTION 9: Challenger

SECTION 10: Porpoise

SECTION 11: Cutlass, Malabar, Dragon, Eagle, Dasher, Flamingo

SECTION 12: Seafarer, Dragon, Malabar, Eagle, Eagle Cove, Dasher

SECTION 13: Challenger, Rocket, Electra, Melody, Bermuda, Medalist

SECTION 14: Porpoise, Sailmaster, Corsaire, Sunfish, Galaxy, Hurst, Lohman’s Crossing

SECTION 16: Vanguard, Flying Scot, Champion, Lido, Tartan, Zephyr, Kite

SECTION 16D: Blue Jay, Blue Jay Court, Champion, Calypso

SECTION 17: Firebird, Challenger, Explorer, Rocket, Melody, Medalist, Snapper, Challenger, Hurst Creek, Electra

SECTION 18: Challenger, Challenger Cove, Firebird, Morning Cloud, Morning Cloud Cove, Explorer, Explorer Cove, Albacore, Caravelle, Intrepid, Knarr