Proudly Identify your house as something unique in Lakeway

Photo by Adam Dubich

Signage is now being offered to home owners with an “approved” status as owning an original Lakeway 300 home .

We are offering the opportunity for property owners of the first 300 homes in Lakeway to add a nostalgic/period-appropriate street-facing sign to show their home is a key part of the history of this area.

The goal is to install the signs so they are easily visible from the street and readily identifiable with a specific home.

Here is what the sign will look like attached to a mailbox structure, the preferred installation location. (Has been reviewed with Lakeway USPO)


This signage project is another step in our overall effort to preserve these unique homes and create a neighborhood for the city of Lakeway, known as “Old Lakeway.”


As such, this signage project is designed to identify homes that are:

  1. the original homes built during the first developer period (prior to April 1971)
  2. still “true to the original exterior architectural design intent”


After fifty-plus years, and with many improvements in building materials etc., category “b” may be a challenge to judge, but we have spent much time looking at the homes in the area and have quite a good understanding of the status of homes in the neighborhood.

The good news is NOW is a great time to begin the preservation process!


The sign is approx. 5 in. x 10 in. and weather durable.
The sign is approx. 5 in. x 10 in. and weather durable.

The sign is approx. 5 in. x 10 in. and weather durable. It was designed and is being partially subsidized by local business, Stokes Sign Company.

The cost of the sign for each home owner is just $50 which includes installation. “Approval” is required for the home owner to receive the sign.

If you own an original Lakeway 300 home, show the rest of Lakeway that your home is something special!

Contact us for more information and let us know you are interested in the signage project.



Preserving Lakeway’s history through its homes and forming a neighborhood known as “Old Lakeway”