View Protection in “Old Lakeway”

The issue of “view” is important for most, if not all of us in “Old Lakeway.” Whether you are one of those fortunate to have a view of the lake, a canyon, or green space, many homes in “Old Lakeway” have views that are beautiful and worth protecting.

For those of you who have attended one of Mike Threinen’s past meetings, we have used a “21’ rule.”  Mike recently did some checking with City Hall and received the real facts on view protection from Sally Buckovinsky (Thanks Sally!):

In 2011 the city of Lakeway created the District VPCO (View Protection Conditional Overlay).  Since that time, several changes have been made to the ordinances governing the district but the basic rules have remained the same.

The summary of the key governing rules are (see attached for specific details):

  • In no cases shall the height of a home exceed 32 feet
  • But, a new, or addition, shall also not obstruct views (there is a process for this)
  • If the City determines that view blocking is an issue, new structure is an average height of homes on either side of a proposed new home
  • A ridge pole is to be erected for a minimum of two weeks on a building site. If you see this near your home, you should have received a notice, if not, stop by City Hall if you are concerned.
All of “Old Lakeway” is in this VPCO. Here is a map. The red area indicates the lots that are in the VPCO.


Click here to see the full details of the view regulations created by the City of Lakeway .