Lakeway’s Oldest Neighborhood Becomes Official


Stephanie Threinen speaking on behalf of the 300 Project at the Lakeway City Council Meeting.

At the June 19th Lakeway City Council meeting, we took a big step towards creating Lakeway’s first official neighborhood, and to making the oldest part of Lakeway, clearly defined as “Old Lakeway”.

As part of the Lakeway 300 Project, we have been discussing for many months at our public group meetings, on the Project website and at all my other public presentations, the proposal to install Old Lakeway street signs at all intersections that make up the original Lakeway Land Company development.

Old Lakeway Street Sign topper neighborhood designation
Example of the street signs being installed at each intersection in Old Lakeway

A prototype of the sign has been installed since early this year at the corner of Mariner and Capri.

Also, earlier this year, after I presented a proposal to their board of directors, Lakeway Civic Corporation agreed to fund the purchase of the signs themselves. Their one requirement was that I show clear support from the City of Lakeway.

After pursuing a couple of paths to achieve that support, it was decided the best approach was a City Council presentation and requested an official resolution showing support. That support was achieved and the resolution can be read here. Thank you to my daughter, Stephanie Threinen, for presenting at this meeting! She did a great job! You can watch the full presentation here (item no.4).

The next steps are to coordinate funds between LCC and the City and for the City to begin installing signs at all intersections in Old Lakeway. For your reference, a map to this area can be found here.


Thank you to Steve Riedlinger for the initial idea of neighborhood street signs.

And thank you to Dale Delong of the City of Lakeway, for his support of the Project and getting the signs designed for cost and compatibility with city street sign infrastructure.

Of course, my thanks to the Lakeway Civic Corporation for their financial support of the Project and patience.

A special thanks to council member Jean Hennagin who got the project onto the agenda, supported the proposal, and, who has supported the Project with her ideas and guidance. Thank you, Jean!

Thank you as well to everyone else who has regularly attended meetings and e-mailed me their comments & show of support. We can’t do this without you!


This is a great visible step in the creation of the Old Lakeway neighborhood!


Mike Threinen


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