108 Atlantic
Street Address: 108 Atlantic
Is this your house?  Check out the bit of history from 1963 we found that is associated with the original owner.
109 Comet
Street Address: 109 Comet
Year Built: 1966
Architect: Steven Riedlinger and Stephen Schrimpf
Original Lakeway lot #106 was the new site of 109 Comet, built in 1966 as a tiny 1,600 square foot bungalow. 10 years later, the then owners replaced the carport and added a two-car garage while extending the northern interior portion of the house by adding an additional 500 square feet and a back porch. In 2003, the current owners (Steven Riedlinger and Stephen Schrimpf) added lot #105 to expand the home to its current size of 3,900 square feet.
119 Sailfish
Street Address: 119 Sailfish
Year Built: 2010
Do you own this home? Contact us to give us some history on it.

419 Sunfish
Street Address: 419 Sunfish
Year Built: 1968
419 Sunfish Street sits up on a hill looking out over the trees of Hurst Creek greenbelt.
421 Sunfish
Street Address: 421 Sunfish
Year Built: 1968
Architect: Adrian Flake
This unique "treehouse" design home is a wonderful example of the uniqueness of Lakeway 300 architecture.
510 Dragon
Street Address: 510 Dragon
528 Dragon
Street Address: 528 Dragon
Year Built: 1968
Playa del Dragon, as the Pena family call her, has never been just a “house” – she has always been a home.
602 Sunfish
Street Address: 602 Sunfish
Year Built: unknown
Architect: unknown
Do you own this house? Contact us to give us information about its history!
705 Vanguard
Street Address: 705 Vanguard
Do you own this house? Contact us to give us information about its history!
712 Mariner
Street Address: 712 Mariner
Year Built: 1970
Architect: unknown
Today, the house is “brand new” on the inside, and true to the original architects design on the outside.