Lakeway’s Oldest Neighborhood Becomes Official

  At the June 19th Lakeway City Council meeting, we took a big step towards creating Lakeway’s first official neighborhood, and to making the oldest part of Lakeway, clearly defined as “Old Lakeway”. As part of the Lakeway 300 Project, we have been discussing for many months at our public group meetings, on the Project … Continued

Old Lakeway Section Maps

Old Lakeway is geographically defined as the first 17 Sections, and first 1,000 acres developed by Lakeway Land Company.  Within that area, were built the first 300 homes, prior to April 1971 when the Lakeway Land Co. sold their interests in Lakeway. Here are most of those original 17 Section maps, showing the streets and … Continued

Lakeway 300 / Old Lakeway Neighborhood Meeting

Event Date : 11/04/2017 10:00 am

Event Location : Lakeway Heritage Center | 963 Lohmans Crossing | Lakeway, TX

  The Lakeway300 / Old Lakeway Project started as a concept in 2014 and has gone now gone thru a couple of phases.   PHASE 1 included the development of the First 300 Home signs, which can now be seen outside many of Lakeway’s first homes.  Some others are currently patiently waiting for their sign to be installed. If … Continued

RECAP: May 6 Meeting

[DOWNLOAD SLIDES FROM PRESENTATION HERE] Thank you to everyone who attended Saturday’s meeting!  By count, we had 30-35 people attend. And more importantly than the number of people, I was very pleased with the energy level, the engagement in the topic and the mix of new, and returning residents.  And, the great number of emails after … Continued

RECAP: Lakeway 300 Project Presentation at City Council Meeting

Event Date : 02/21/2017 6:30 pm

Event Location : Lakeway City Hall Council Chambers

I was offered the opportunity, with the support of fellow “Old Lakeway” resident and Lakeway City Council member, Jean Hennagin, to present the Lakeway 300 Project, to the city council meeting held on Tuesday, February 21st at 6:30pm. A HUGE thank you to Jean for the invitation and opportunity! Here is the video of my presentation which offers … Continued

Join the Conversation on Nextdoor Lakeway

We have set up a group on the Nextdoor website. Think of it as our social media page to encourage conversation about the project among neighbors. We will still be posting all updates to this website, but also to Nextdoor so that you can engage in conversation about it. Here is the link to the group:  … Continued

Save Our Trees! Prevent Oak Wilt Infection

Lakeway’s trees are one of the area’s special assets that the city has done a great job of planning development around them. They not only provide a serene environments to residents, but much needed shade during long, summer months! Lakeway residents are responsible for the maintenance of any trees on their property, however, be sure … Continued

View Protection in “Old Lakeway”

The issue of “view” is important for most, if not all of us in “Old Lakeway.” Whether you are one of those fortunate to have a view of the lake, a canyon, or green space, many homes in “Old Lakeway” have views that are beautiful and worth protecting. For those of you who have attended … Continued

Some of Lakeway’s History (unfortunately) NOT Preserved

One of the mysteries we have been working on for several months, is: “what happened to the first custom home in Lakeway, 104 Highlander?”  With the help of Lakeway 300 resident David Crutcher, who has access to historical title records, the mystery is solved. Thanks David!   A little historical background: The developers of Lakeway … Continued